Thank you and Good Job

Dear Families:

If no one told you today, Thank you and Good Job.

Thank you for taking your children to be immunized.

Thank you for keeping them home even though you may not have been as attentive or patient as you wanted to be.

Thank you for keeping grandparents safe.

Thank you for continuing to work with children clamoring for your attention.

Thank you for making masks for others.

Thank you for hiding your fear and heartache to allow your children to feel secure.

Thank your for revealing your fear and heartache to show that real parents do cry.

Thank you for wearing your masks and keeping me safe.

We have entered the next phase of our collective experiment.  When we opened bars and restaurants, hungry for connection and wanting to put people back to work, we discovered it was too soon.

Our masks on and our number down, schools are re-opening.  Everyone is trying hard to get it right even though we don’t know what right is.  As I’ve questioned my patients through the week, each has shared their new COVID summer hobby such as professional sleeping, art, fishing, frog collecting in addition to lots of video games and bike riding.  As I’ve questioned my patients and their parents about the start of school, the answers varied.  For the ones attending in person and for the older kids, it has mostly gone well.  But, for many with learning differences and elementary students, virtual learning almost seems too much to bear. I am not an educator, but I do know that children are resilient and optimal time periods to learn concepts are wide. They may be behind now, but they will still learn and catch up.  I also know that a parent’s wellbeing contributes to a child’s wellbeing.   Please know that my heart goes out to you and our doors are open.  If you are a teacher or a parent with energy to spare, please reach out to those around you to lend support.

As we enter the next stage of in person school restarting, from my perspective, it looks good.  The community numbers are decreasing and your rule abiding children have adjusted to a world of 2-3 layer masks, hand washing and wipe downs.  Once again, thank you and good job.

All of us at West Plano Pediatrics wish you good health.

Dr. Berger