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Additional Services

West Plano Pediatrics is happy to provide many in office procedures and services for our patients.

Hearing screening / OAE (otoacoustic emissions): This is the name for the sounds produced by the cochlea (snail shell shaped structure of the inner ear) These sounds can be used to test the function of the cochlea and other parts of the ear, including the auditory nerve. OAE testing is not painful, and does not require your child to raise their hand or respond to questions. OAE testing cannot definitively diagnose hearing loss or deafness. If your child fails OAE testing, your child may need further hearing tests to determine if there is hearing loss or not.


Vision Screening / SureSight: In addition to routine eye chart vision screens at ages 4 and up,we utilize a tool (SureSight) that allows us to screen children as early as age 9 months.  SureSight is also extremely useful in children who are unable to perform the eye chart, have speech delays, developmental delays or language barriers. The SureSight assesses refraction (focusing) and can aid your physician in the early detection of problems with visual acuity (sharpness of vision) that result from refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Asthma Evaluation and Management

Pulmonary Function Testing (PFTs or Lung function tests): evaluate how well your child’s lungs work.  We may utilize this test in your child to establish the diagnosis of Asthma, determine response to therapy and tailor treatment or to determine the severity of a particular lung problem.

Respiratory (Breathing ) Treatments

Pulse oximetry (measurement of oxygen saturation)

Steroid Injections (shots): Often indicated for when your child is having a “Croup Attack” or severe allergic reaction /rash.

Antibiotic Injections (shots): Indicated for more severe infections.

Complete Blood Count (CBC): We may use this test when indicated to check your child for infection, anemia, or other diseases.

Blood draws, urinary catheterization

Urinalysis: Used for routine screening of kidney function, evaluation of bladder infections, diabetes, kidney stones, appendicitis.

Streptococcal Pharyngitis testing (throat swabs): If your child has the classic symptoms of sore throat and fever, or a rash, we may elect to test him/her for “strep”. Strep throat is treatable with antibiotics

Influenza testing: Rapid testing is offered when indicated during the Influenza season (generally October-March). This test entails a swab of the nasal mucosa to determine whether your child has a particular strain of “flu”. We also offer “Flu clinics” to vaccinate your child against “The Flu” usually in late August or early September. ”. Influenza symptoms can vary from very mild cold-like symptoms to high fevers, chills, wheezing, pneumonia and even respiratory distress or severe confusion (encephalopathy).

RSV (Respiratory Synctial Virus) testing: Rapid testing is offered when indicated and also entails a nasal swab. RSV can occur year round in Texas but peaks in the winter and goes into spring.  RSV symptoms can range from a common cold to wheezing or severe pneumonia and respiratory distress. Premature infants and newborns are at highest risk for RSV.

Stool Testing

Routine blood pressures

Routine vaccinations: please refer to the vaccination section.

Pregnancy Testing: Urine pregnancy testing is offered upon request or when clinically indicated.

Rapid Glucose (blood sugar) testing

Wart Removal

Simple Incision and Drainage (small abscesses or “boils”)

Sports Physicals and routine Physicals

Scoliosis Screening

Suture (stitches) Removal: We are often able to remove stitches that were placed in the Emergency Room, saving you and your child another trip to the ER.

Ear Piercing: Please contact the office for more information.

Foreign Travel Consultation: Please reference the section on “Traveler’s Health”

Attention Deficit Disorder and Depression screening

***Many more…please also refer to the “Services” drop down menu or call the office with questions regarding a particular medical need for your child.