The entire staff of West Plano Pediatrics has been vaccinated against the Influenza virus for the 2019-2020 season.

Prevention is key.
Not only are we protecting ourselves, but our patients as well.
Remember children under 5 years old are at the highest risk of significant complications from the Flu virus such as wheezing, pneumonia, respiratory distress or encephalitis an inflammation in the brain.

Protect your infant, child and family today! Call WPP to schedule your Flu vaccine now.

All smiles and a thumbs up for the Influenza ( Flu) vaccine from Drs. Leon & Mix
Nurse Stassi and Nurse Matt administered our vaccines in about 10 seconds flat! I didn’t even feel it!
Still all smiles. Don’t ask me why I’m pointing to a pre-existing bruise on my arm instead of my bandaid.
I think Nurse Stassi and Nurse Matt had too much fun!