Back to school… new crayons, new backpacks, the yellow school bus, the crossing guard, scooters, bikers!

bikesMy youngest son has started Kindergarten this year. He is very excited about his new R2D2 backpack, and equally excited about walking to his elementary school.

During our walks to the school, I see many students from our neighborhood zipping along the sidewalk on their bikes. To my dismay, I only see a handful of them wearing their bike helmets.

As doctors are learning to better diagnose and treat traumatic brain injury, I implore all school-age parents to encourage your bikers to wear their helmets to school each day. It only takes a small pebble on the sidewalk to cause an accident that may seriously injury your biker’s head. Because school-age children have rapidly developing brains, they are more prone to having prolonged symptoms from a traumatic brain injury.

So before your children hop on their bikes, be sure the helmet fits appropriately. Remember to label the helmet so it can be hung on the bike handle. Tell them you want them to keep their brains healthy and protected for all the wonderful new things they will be learning at school.

New friends, new teachers, new books…Happy School Year!