The Breakfast Back to School Juggle

breakfastThe Breakfast Back to School Juggle: Our goal as parents is to teach our children to make healthy choices for a lifetime AND get them to school on time. The old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is true. Breakfast gets your child’s metabolism started. Your child will be faced with difficult tasks as soon as they hit the door. His or her brain needs energy to function. Mornings are stressful for all, so try to brainstorm breakfasts that are nutritious and can be had on the go. If you can make banana pancakes and turkey sausage in the morning, awesome! For those of us who can’t, a smoothie made with frozen berries and protein powder fits the bill,too. Beware of juice because it is just really kiddie soda. Fruit is a healthier choice because of the fiber; you know the peel and pith that are harder to eat 🙂

Check out this link for breakfast ideas for picky eaters.