Eczema: When all else fails.

itch-clipart-toonvectors-27191-140So, you have tried every cream and steroid and cleanser on the shelf. What is next? Sometimes, an infection may exist which requires antibiotics and a visit to us. However, there are 2 more trials of therapy that help some children: bleach baths and/or wet wraps.

Bleach baths:
Yuck, was my first response. The theory is that the bleach will decrease the bacteria on the skin which may be aggravating the eczema. The recipe is ¼ cup bleach to ¼ tub of water or ½ cup bleach to ½ tub of water. Try it and you will find that it smells like a pool. If your child is the kid whose eczema improves during the summer, then bleach baths twice weekly may help.

Wet Wraps:
Wet wraps consist of soaking and sealing the skin in the following way:

  • Bathe and pat dry (just a little)
  • Seal the skin with a heavy layer of lotion or cream such as Eucerin or Aquaphor
  • Dress in damp pajamas; prefer cotton
  • Top with a dry robe or layer of clothing and leave on until dry; 2 hours if able. During this last phase, you may put your child to bed or allow to watch a movie.

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