Family Traditions

happy-new-year-clipart-imagesWhen my older boys were younger, I wanted to make New Year’s Eve a special and meaningful time. But, what to do when they were too young to stay up until midnight? I came up with our own New Year’s Eve tradition.

We had a Memory Box in our house. The box was a simple plastic shoebox. In some years, the boys were interested in decorating the box; but as they were older, it was often left plain. The Memory Box started off empty each January, as a symbol that each year starts off with endless possibilities and adventures that await.

Throughout the year, I would place items in the box of special events- such as movie stubs, concert programs, maps of museums, medals and awards, etc. It was exciting to see the box fill up; and on New Year’s Eve, we would have fun remembering all the special and meaningful times we shared as a family. It was a great visual reminder for my children of my love for them.

I continue with this tradition in my household even now. My oldest son is 18 years old, and my youngest is 5 years old. When it comes to memories and love, both are timeless!

What about your family? What traditions do you participate in with your children? We would love to hear about them! Please share them with us on our Facebook page!