Healthy Snacks

trick-or-treat-candyDing-Dong!   Trick-or Treat!

It’s that time of the year again when kids of all ages get to dress up in costumes either cute or spooky. As evening begins, it is also the time to find the biggest bag in the house for the best part of the day… collecting enough candy for an entire year!

I can hear every parent groaning at the thought of sugar, sugar, and more sugar flooding their homes in just one night. What to do?

Don’t just throw in the towel or despair! As a parent, you can come up with clever ways to introduce healthy snacks to your own children. One simple method might be to have your child at least try a few bites of a healthy snack, before he can choose a treat from the candy pile. You can determine how many bites and/or how many different healthy snacks equate to a candy treat.

healthy-snacksHealthy snacks don’t have to be boring either. Be creative with the presentation, which is half the appeal of most store bought treats. Why not wrap up your snacks with pretty paper and ribbon? Why not shape your snacks into fun objects or characters?

For suggestions of healthy snacks, see the links below.

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