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Thanksgiving Poem

by Dr. Elizabeth Leon

It’s a time for giving thanks…
Thanks to our past families who began with our practice 22 years ago.
Thanks to our present families who come to visit us currently.
Thanks to our future generation of patients who now have babies of their own.

Thanks to our front office staff for greeting and making patients feel welcomed.
Thanks to our back office nurses who assist the doctors and facilitate flu clinics.
Thanks to our office manager who helps with administrative and business issues.

Thanks to the NICU for caring for the premature babies.
Thanks to the Nursery for helping mommies and newborn babies to bond.
Thanks to Mother’s Gift for assisting with lactation difficulties.
Thanks to the Emergency Rooms for seeing our critically ill patients.

Thanks to Dr. Urech for starting the practice with me 22 years ago.
Thanks to Dr. Berger for being a supportive and wonderful senior partner for 19 years.
Thanks to Dr. Mix for sharing her hospitalist expertise with us for 10 years.
Thanks to Dr. Gair for joining us for the past 7 years.

Thanks to our family and friends who had faith in us when we started out as medical students.
Thanks to our colleagues who continue to support us when we have difficult medical cases.

Above all, thanks to my Creator who grants me strength and wisdom for each day as a pediatrician.

Article written by Dr. Elizabeth Leon

Dr. Elizabeth Leon established West Plano Pediatrics in 1995. She graduated from the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago, and completed her residency at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. She is board certified in pediatrics and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Dr. Leon has over 23 years of experience as a pediatrician in the community, and shares her knowledge through her blogs. Her blogs include topics such as financial awareness, memory making ideas, bike safety, and reasons not to start vaping.