turkeyThanksgiving is a wonderful time for me to express my gratitude towards all the families of West Plano Pediatrics. It has been a joy to see patients grow up from infancy to young adulthood. I never grow tired from seeing a 2 month old baby smile at me, a 1 year old little one take wobbly steps in the exam room, or a 4 year old preschooler drawing a picture of her best friend. Each patient visit is filled with new surprises and interesting conversations as the patients increase their vocabulary.

This summer, I had the pleasure of congratulating 27 high school graduates; and sending them off with a graduation gift of a West Plano Pediatrics first aid kit for any small college “emergency.” Hopefully, there will not be too many occasions when they need to pull out the Band-Aids and/or Tylenol. For some of these graduates, I also said goodbye to their parents since the family will no longer require the touch of a pediatrician. I shall miss the parents as much as their child! Saying goodbye is always difficult. Perhaps in the future, I will include a packet of tissues as part of the WPP graduation gift.

When I think of these graduates, I remember many of them when they were smaller and shorter than me. I also remember distinct personalities and discussions we held in the office as some of these personalities conflicted with others in the household. Ah, the wonderful years of adolescence! Through it all, I have always felt honored by the trust bestowed upon me by both my patients and their parents.

So, a big heartfelt “Thank You” to all the wonderful families that bring their children to West Plano Pediatrics. I know that I speak not only for myself, but also for my partners, that we are deeply touched and honored that you have entrusted your child’s medical needs and well-being into our hands. We are very grateful that you have shared a part of your family with us!

May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with laughter of family, good food, and a long, long list of “I am thankful for…”